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Figure 3

From: Assessing population genetic structure via the maximisation of genetic distance

Figure 3

Proportion of correct groupings with different migration rates, K = 10, HIM, HWD and LD. Mean proportion of correct groupings over replicates for each simulated migration rate (m) and a higher number of subpopulations (K = 10) in scenario 2; hierarchical island model (HIM) with 50 microsatellites and 300 SNP; scenario 3 with selfing (0.3, 0.5, 0.7 and 0.9) to generate Hardy-Weinberg disequilibrium (HWD) and in scenario 6 with linked loci (recombination rate = 0.06) and 1000 generations with no migration between subpopulations and 10 generations where m = 0.01 or m = 0.1 to generate linkage disequilibrium (LD); bars represent standard errors; see Table 1 for the explanation of the scenarios.

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