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Figure 4

From: Assessing population genetic structure via the maximisation of genetic distance

Figure 4

Schematic representation of the population structure and the relationship with geographic regions in humans. STRUCTURE results taken from Rosenberg et al. [34] and BAPS results from Corander et al. [21]; MGD: maximisation of the genetic distance method, K: number of inferred clusters, N: population size; each box corresponds to a geographical region and the width of the boxes indicates graphically the number of genotyped individuals; Af: Africa (N = 119), E: Europe (N = 161), ME: Middle East (N = 178), CSA: Central-South Asia (N = 210), EA: East Asia (N = 241), O: Oceania (N = 39), Am: America (N = 108), Kal: Kalash (N = 25), Kar: Karitiana (N = 24), S: Surui (N = 21); black lines separate regional affiliations (on the top of the figure) of the individuals; for each analysed K the partition obtained with each methodology is represented with K different colours.

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