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Table 1 Results from model with = 0.01.

From: Genomic prediction when some animals are not genotyped

Method Cor. true BV
one-step 4.16 16.22 0.6598
ped 5.03 15.80 0.3537
two-step 7.56 0.069 0.5869
one-step-2 5.98 15.58 0.6596
  1. Method one-step is the method advocated in this paper, method ped uses the pedigree based relationship matrix, and method two-step is the genomic prediction method using only genotyped animals (note that parameter estimates for this method cannot be compared to parameter estimates from the other two methods). Finally, one-step-2 differs from one-step in that it ignores the markers of selection candidates in the parameter estimation. The right-most column shows the correlation between the estimated and the true breeding value (BV).