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Table 2 Number of lambs per genotype group for various traits

From: Impact of two myostatin (MSTN) mutations on weight gain and lamb carcass classification in Norwegian White Sheep (Ovis aries)

c.960 GG G(delG) (delG)(delG)
c.2360 GG AG AA GG AG GG
Weigth gain/d from birth to weaning (g) 78 216 114 105 106 19
Weaning weight (kg) 78 219 114 107 107 19
Carcass weight gain/d from birth to slaugther (g) 59 165 84 92 89 15
Carcass traits 59 167 84 94 89 15
  1. Guanine is found at the mutated position in wild types, both in the c.960 and the c.2360 position, while (delG) and adenine (A) respectively, are found when the mutations are present. Carcass traits are carcass weight, carcass conformation class and carcass fat class.