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Table 3 Tissue pairs with a significant number of overlapping QTT

From: Association between plasma metabolites and gene expression profiles in five porcine endocrine tissues

Metabolite Tissue pairs Count (fold) Bonferroni P value GO terms
HDL-C FATB-THYG 17 (3.8) 0.000396 -
HDL-C AHYP-THYG 25 (3.5) 7.92E-06 -
HDL-C AHYP-HYPO 40 (3.8) 5.18E-11 -
HDL-C THYG-HYPO 50 (5.9) 3.99E-22 RNA processing
NEFA GONA-AHYP 211 (2.4) 1.22E-31 -
  1. Non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA); backfat (FATB); gonad (GONA); adenohypophysis (AHYP); thyroid (THYG); hypothalamus (HYPO)