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Figure 1

From: Analysis of conservation priorities of Iberoamerican cattle based on autosomal microsatellite markers

Figure 1

Neighbor-net graph of kinship genetic distances. The genetic relationships among 27 Creole cattle breeds (a) and 13 geographical breed groups (b) are shown; breed acronyms are defined as follows: CRA, Cr.Argentino; PAT, Cr. Patagonico; CAR, Caracú; CRU, Cr. Uruguayo; BON, Blanco Orejinegro; HVA, Hartón del Valle; LUC, Lucerna; PCH, Pampa Chaqueño; CCC, Costeño con Cuernos; RMS, Romosinuano; GUA, Guabalá; GUY, Guaymí; SMA, Sanmartinero; CBC, Cr. Baja California; CHU, Cr. Chihuahua; CNY, Cr. Nayarit; CPO, Cr. Poblano; TLH, Texas Longhorn; CAQ, Caqueteño; CHS, Chino Santandereano; CAS, Cr. Casanareño; VEL, Velasquez; CUB, Cr. Cubano; SIB, Siboney; ECU, Cr. Ecuatoriano; CHI, Cr. Chiapas; PIL, Cr. Pilcomayo.

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