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Table 4 Summary of the QTL detected by the three analyses performed in this study

From: Detection and replication of QTL underlying resistance to gastrointestinal nematodes in adult sheep using the ovine 50K SNP array

1   LFEC(a); IgAt(b)  
2   LFEC(a); IgAt(b)  
3   IgAt(a); IgAt(b)  
4   IgA t(a) ; LFEC(b)  
5   LFEC (a) ; LFEC (b)  
6 LFEC(b) LFEC (a) ; LFEC(b)  
7   LFEC (a) ; LFEC(b); LFEC(c)  
8 LFEC(a) LFEC(a); LFEC(b); LFEC(c); LFEC(d); LFEC (e) IgAt(c); IgAt(e)
9   LFEC(a); IgAt(a); IgAt(b); LFEC(b); LFEC(c); LFEC(d)  
10   IgAt(b); IgAt(c); IgAt(e); LFEC(f) IgAt(a); IgAt(b); IgAt(d)
11   LFEC(a); IgAt(c) IgAt(b)
12   LFEC(a); IgAt(a); IgAt (b); IgAt(d) IgA t(c)
13   IgAt  
14    IgAt
15   IgA t(b) ; IgAt(c); IgA t (d) IgAt(a)
16   IgAt(a); IgA t(b)  
17   IgA t(a) ; IgAt(b);IgAt(c); IgA t(d)  
20   LFEC  
21   LFEC(a); IgA t(b) ; LFEC(c); LFEC(d); IgAt(d);  
22 IgAt(a) IgAt(a); IgAt(b)  
23   IgAt(a); IgAt(b); IgAt(c); IgAt(d); IgAt(e)  
24   LFEC(a); LFEC(b)  
25   LFEC (b) IgAt(a)
  1. 1 OAR ovine chromosome
  2. 2, 3, 4Significant QTL for the two analyzed traits (LFEC log-transformed faecal egg count, IgA t Box-Cox-transformed optical density ratio (ODR) values of immunoglobulin A activity) identified by the three genome scan performed in the present study, using linkage analysis (LA), combined linkage disequilibrium and linkage analysis (LDLA) and genome-wide association study (GWAS)
  3. a, b, c, d, e, fDifferent subscripts letters indicate that the QTL in the same chromosome are located at more than 5 cM/Mb of distance
  4. QTL in normal characters detected at the 5 % chromosome-wise level
  5. QTL in italic characters detected at the 5 % genome-wise level