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Table 6 Results of association studies between the RP1 frameshift mutation and 31 traits routinely evaluated for 11,986 Normande cows

From: A reverse genetic approach identifies an ancestral frameshift mutation in RP1 causing recessive progressive retinal degeneration in European cattle breeds

Traits Effect Standard error p value (Bonferroni)
Front teat distance −0.106 0.021 1.2E−05
Teat orientation −0.076 0.019 2.4E−03
Milk protein content −0.069 0.019 9.5E−03
Milk fat content −0.132 0.037 9.9E−03
  1. Only significant results after Bonferroni correction are presented. Details on the 31 different traits studied are presented in “Methods” section. Front teat distance and teat orientation are scored from 1 to 9. Milk protein and fat content are expressed in g/L