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Table 1 Analysis of traits measured on G3 individuals

From: Embryonic environment and transgenerational effects in quail

Trait Number of individuals Line effect
Body weight at 3 weeks 513
Adult body weight 332
Liver weight 299 =
Abdominal fat weight 158a +
Age at first egg 168a +
Egg number 168a
Wingspan 303
Beak temperature 291 +
Eye temperature 283 +
Leg temperature 160a =
Distance 101
Center1 101
Dist. tread 96 =
TI duration 93 =
G0 methylation level 16 =
G3 methylation level 46 =
  1. Line effect indicates significant (+/−) or non significant (=) differences between the Epi+ and Epi− lines (p < 0.05, see Additional file 2: Table S1). Phenotypes were measured at slaughter (27 weeks of age) except for body weight at 3 weeks and behavioral traits (see “Methods”). Methylation levels were measured by LUMA on blood sampled at 23 weeks of age
  2. * p-values from the linear mixed model analysis were adjusted with the Benjamini–Hochberg correction
  3. aThese traits were measured in females only (since in the original HSR line and in the Epi− and Epi+ lines, abdominal fat is nearly absent in males)