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Table 1 Summary of the features of the datasets and the hyper-parameter settings for the results presented in Fig. 5

From: Locally epistatic models for genome-wide prediction and association by importance sampling

Dataset Number of individuals Number of SNPs Traits Mean depth Nrules Nsplits Proprow Propcol
Rice 299 73K PH, FLW, LG, GRL, GRW, 1000GW, YLD 4 500 5 .3 .1
Mouse 1940 12K Body weight, growth slope   2000 10 .1 .05
Maize 4676 125K GDD_DTS 2 1000 10 .1 .05
    GDD_DTA, GDD_ASI, DTS 2 200 40 (using hotspots) .1 .05
    DTA, ASI, PH, EH      
    PH.EH, EHdivPH, PHdivDTR      
Wheat 337 3355 FD, PMD, PH, YLD, WGP 1 500 2 .3 .1
    HD, WAX      
  1. Trait Names: GDD_DTA growing degree days to silk, GDD_DTA growing degree days to anthesis, GDD_ASI growing degree days to anthesis-silking interval, DTS days to silking, DTA days to anthesis, ASI anthesis silking interval days, PH plant height, EH ear height, PH-EH PH minus EH, EHdivPH EH divided by PH, PHdivDTR PH divided by days to anthesis FLW flag leaf width, LG lodging, GRL grain length, GRW grain weight, 1000GW thousand grain weight, YLD yield, FD flowering day, PMD physiological maturity day, WGP whole grain protein, HD heading date Julian, WAX waxiness