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Table 3 Literature estimates of the accuracy of genomic predictions of feed efficiency component traits in pigs

From: Genomic evaluation of feed efficiency component traits in Duroc pigs using 80K, 650K and whole-genome sequence variants

Trait Accuracya Breed and reference
Days to 250 lbs 0.66–0.84 Yorkshire [9]
ADG 0.50–0.58b Danish Duroc [12]
0.40–0.43b Danish Duroc [10]
0.24 Duroc [11]
Feed conversion ratio 0.39–0.45b Danish Duroc [12]
0.11 Duroc [11]
FAT 0.69–0.86 Yorkshire [9]
0.55–0.56b Danish Duroc [10]
0.37 Duroc [11]
ADFI 0.15 Duroc [11]
Residual feed intake 0.09
LMD 0.30
  1. aCorrelation of genomic predictions and corrected phenotype divided by square root of heritability, which was also used in our study; bconverted from the reliability reported in the literatures
  2. ADFI average daily feed intake, FAT ultrasound backfat depth, ADG average daily gain, LMD ultrasound loin muscle depth