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Table 4 Proportion of variance in residual feed intake explained by additive genetic effects (heritability) and correlations between observed and predicted records (prediction accuracy) based on either pedigree or genomic data using three sets of SNPs

From: Integrating genome-wide co-association and gene expression to identify putative regulators and predictors of feed efficiency in pigs

  Pedigree All SNPs AWM SNPs AWM + eGWAS SNPs
Heritabilitya 0.51 ± 0.21 0.20 ± 0.11 0.61 ± 0.06 0.66 ± 0.06
Prediction accuracyb 0.20 (0.13) 0.12 (0.11) 0.65 (0.15) 0.60 (0.09)
  1. All SNPs, the complete 31K SNP dataset; AWM SNPs, SNPs identified by the association weight matrix (AWM) approach (829 SNPs); AWM + eGWAS SNPs, SNPs identified by AWM and eGWAS (1078 SNPs)
  2. aMarginal posterior mean ± marginal posterior standard deviation
  3. bAverage (standard deviation) across 20 replicates of cross-validation