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Table 2 Accuracy and regression coefficients of genomic predictions as well as a measure of level-bias between genotyped vs. non-genotyped animals

From: Level-biases in estimated breeding values due to the use of different SNP panels over time in ssGBLUP

ScenarioaAccuracyRegression coefficientbLevel-biasc
10.871 (0.000)1.135 (0.000)0.151 (0.002)
20.869 (0.000)1.127 (0.001)0.768 (0.002)
30.864 (0.000)1.120 (0.001)0.812 (0.002)
40.870 (0.000)1.128 (0.001)0.172 (0.002)
  1. For Scenarios 1 to 4, the standard errors due to the random sampling effect of SNPs are in parentheses
  2. aScenarios described in Table 1
  3. bRegression coefficient \(\beta\) from the linear regression with YD as a response variable and the GEBV as an explanatory variable
  4. cLevel-bias is measured in genetic standard deviations