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Table 2 Heritability of traits simulated under additive or non-additive gene action

From: Deep learning versus parametric and ensemble methods for genomic prediction of complex phenotypes

Gene actionNumber of QTN\(h_{a}^{2}\)\(h_{d}^{2}\)\(h_{I}^{2}\)\(H_{{\mathbf{B}}}^{2}\)
Purely additive1000.300.000.000.30
  1. Non-additive: mixture of additive, dominance and epistatic effects
  2. \(h_{a}^{2}\): additive heritability; \(h_{d}^{2}\): dominance heritability; \(h_{I}^{2}\): proportion of epistatic variation related to phenotypic variation; \(H_{{{B}}}^{2}\): broad sense heritability