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Table 4 List of genes with significant expression differences in the tibia between hens segregating for markers defining good (n = 8) and poor (n = 8) bone strength

From: An eQTL in the cystathionine beta synthase gene is linked to osteoporosis in laying hens

Log fold changeP valueFDREnsembl gene IDChrbpAssociated gene symbol
− 1.761.50E−481.83E−44ENSGALG000000161961111,011,709CBS
− 0.531.02E−070.00062ENSGALG000000228081111,336,046RRP1B
− 0.661.00E−060.00409ENSGALG000000162001111,210,236SIK1
− 0.728.02E−060.01966ENSGALG000000160481108,339,080PIGP
  1. FDR false discovery rate, Chr chromosome, bp position on the galGal6 build of the starting point of the gene