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Table 1 Summary of the scenarios used in the simulations

From: Bayesian neural networks with variable selection for prediction of genotypic values

Base300Default scenario1.00.00.0
\(S_{10}\)10Very sparse1.00.00.0
\(D_{\text {medium}}\)300Medium dominance0.8540.1610.0
\(D_{\text {extreme}}\)300Extreme dominance0.6360.3860.0
\(E_{A}\)300Additive \(\times\) additive epistasis0.6570.00.366
\(E_{C}\)300Complementary epistasis0.6580.2250.116
\(E_{I}\)300Interaction epistasis0.8960.00.127
  1. The rightmost columns contain the average proportions of additive, dominance, and epistatic variance in the replicate genotypes. In all scenarios, the broad sense heritability is \(H^2=50\%\)