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Table 4 Estimates of relative dominance variance from various studies that used genomic relationship matrices

From: Inbreeding depression across the genome of Dutch Holstein Friesian dairy cattle

Study Density Accounted for GW IDa Relative dominance variance
Aliloo et al. [14] 632 k (imputed) Yes  ≤ 1% for yield traits
1% for calving interval
Aliloo et al. [14] 632 k (imputed) No 3 to 4% for yield traits
1% for calving interval
Sun et al. [35] 50 k (imputed) Yes, in precorrection of phenotypes 3 to 4% for yield traits
1% for SCS
0% for daughter pregnancy rate
Jiang et al. [43]b 50 k (imputed) No 7 to 13% for yield traits
0 to 15% for fertility traits
9% for SCS
Alves et al. [44] 41 k (imputed) No 0 to 4% for fertility traits
Mao et al. [45] 36 k No 7% for interval first-last insemination
4% for number of inseminations
  1. aGW ID: genome-wide inbreeding depression
  2. bIn this particular study, an imprinting effect was also fitted. All other studies used AD models