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Table 1 Variable definitions

From: A theoretical derivation of response to selection with and without controlled mating in honeybees

Variable Definition
t Subscript referring to the year. If variables are used without this subscript it is assumed that they are constant for all years
\(B_t\) / \(P_t\) Average true breeding value of breeding/passive colonies of year t \(=B_t-B_{t-1}\) (resp. \(=P_t-P_{t-1}\)) Annual genetic gain among the breeding/passive colonies \(=B_t-P_t\).
\(\Delta B_t\) / \(\Delta P_t\)
\(D_t\) Genetic lag between the breeding population and the passive population
T Time lag, time it takes for the passive population to reach the genetic level of the breeding population
\(p_t\), p Probability that a sire drone in an uncontrolled mating comes from a breeding colony
\(q_t\), q Proportion of passive queens with a dam queen from the breeding population
\(S_{1,t}\), \(S_1\) Genetic selection differential of colonies selected for breeding queen production
\(S_{2,t}\), \(S_2\) Genetic selection differential of colonies selected for DPQ production
\(N_b\) / \(N_p\) Number of breeding/passive colonies per year
\(h^2_m\) / \(h^2_d\) Maternal/direct heritability
\(r_{md}\) Correlation between maternal and direct effects