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Table 3 Differentially expressed genes in blood before vaccination between groups of animals with divergent Ab responses to M. hyo vaccination at different days post-vaccination (dpv)

From: Influence of genetics and the pre-vaccination blood transcriptome on the variability of antibody levels after vaccination against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in pigs

Type of Ab response dpv Classification Number of differentially expressed genes Differentially expressed genes with HUGO gene nomenclature committee symbol
Higher expression in "high" or "pos" Higher expression in "low" or "neg"
Early (before booster) 21 High vs low 0   
Negative vs positive 4 (4a)   BARD1a, LMBR1a, TMEM236a, CCDC158a
Maximum (post booster) 28 High vs low 1 (1a)   DNAH9a
35 High vs low 0   
Persistence (before slaughtering) 118 High vs low 52 (7a) TERB2a, SMPD2, ELOVL1, NCLN, ZNF48, CLCN7, GSDMD, ULK2, ZNF668, TNFRSF18, PTPN18, PIM3, MARVELD1, PHB, ETNK2, HIST1H4H, ZNF787 TMTC3a, ICE2a, N4BP2, CCNC, LRIF1, AHI1, RPAP3, STK39, ABRAXAS1, FAM214A, TRAM1, ZNF280D, AEBP2, ZNF350, TAOK1
Negative vs positive 0   
  1. aFDR < 0.05