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Table 1 Vaccination program applied to the R+, R−, ND3, and CTR chicken lines

From: Assessment of trade-offs between feed efficiency, growth-related traits, and immune activity in experimental lines of layer chickens

Vaccination Age (days) Commercial name Delivery mode
Marek’s disease (MDV) 1 MD-VAC® LYO Subcutaneous
Infectious bronchitis (IBV) 1, 14, 36, 76 Nobilis IB 4/91 Nasal spray
Gumboro disease (IBDV) 21, 28 Avipro Gumboro VAC Drinking water
Newcastle disease (NDV) 36, 84a Nobilis BI MAS 5-Clone 30 Nasal spray
Metapneumovirus (MPV) 36 Nobilis Rhino CV Nasal spray
Infectious anemia (CIAV) 63 Avipro Thymovac Drinking water
Avian encephalomyelitis (AEV) 87a MYELOVAX® Drinking water
  1. aThese vaccinations were given exclusively to the ND3 and CTR lines