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Table 1 Parents of each simulated generation

From: Genomic prediction using a reference population of multiple pure breeds and admixed individuals

Generation/population HOLa RED JER MIX
1b \(\text {HOL}_0^\text {M} \times \text {HOL}_0^\text {F}\) \(\text {RED}_0^\text {M} \times \text {RED}_0^\text {F}\) \(\text {JER}_0^\text {M} \times \text {JER}_0^\text {F}\) \(\text {JER}_0^\text {M} \times \text {HOL}_0^\text {F}\)
\(\vdots \) \(\vdots \) \(\vdots \) \(\vdots \) \(\vdots \)
6 \(\text {HOL}_5^\text {M} \times \text {HOL}_5^\text {F}\) \(\text {RED}_5^\text {M} \times \text {RED}_5^\text {F}\) \(\text {JER}_5^\text {M} \times \text {JER}_5^\text {F}\) \(\text {HOL}_5^\text {M} \times \text {MIX}_5^\text {F}\)
7 \(\text {HOL}_6^\text {M} \times \text {HOL}_6^\text {F}\) \(\text {RED}_6^\text {M} \times \text {RED}_6^\text {F}\) \(\text {JER}_6^\text {M} \times \text {JER}_6^\text {F}\) \(\text {JER}_6^\text {M} \times \text {MIX}_6^\text {F}\)
8 \(\text {HOL}_7^\text {M} \times \text {HOL}_7^\text {F}\) \(\text {RED}_7^\text {M} \times \text {RED}_7^\text {F}\) \(\text {JER}_7^\text {M} \times \text {JER}_7^\text {F}\) \(\text {RED}_7^\text {M} \times \text {MIX}_7^\text {F}\)
9 \(\text {HOL}_8^\text {M} \times \text {HOL}_8^\text {F}\) \(\text {RED}_8^\text {M} \times \text {RED}_8^\text {F}\) \(\text {JER}_8^\text {M} \times \text {JER}_8^\text {F}\) \(\text {HOL}_8^\text {M} \times \text {MIX}_8^\text {F}\)
  1. aHOL, RED, JER and MIX: Danish Holstein, Swedish Red, Danish Jersey and admixed population respectively
  2. bSubscripts denote the generation, and superscripts denote the sex, i.e., males (M) and females (F)