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Table 2 Least-squares means for true genetic gain in generation \({t}\) = 2 (\(\Delta {\text{G}}_{{{\text{true}}1 - 2}}\)) realised by POCS, GOCS, and truncation selection at a 0.01 \(\Delta {\text{F}}_{{{\text{true}}4 - 10}}\) in a breeding scheme with genomic prediction

From: Pre-selection against a lethal recessive allele in breeding schemes with optimum-contribution selection or truncation selection

Selection strategy \(\Delta {\text{G}}_{{{\text{true}}1 - 2}}\)
POCS 0.494b
GOCS 0.515a
Truncation selection 0.496b
  1. Means with the same superscripted letter are not significantly different from each other (p < 0.05)