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Table 1 Numbers of animals with records for average daily gain (ADG) and feed conversion ratio (FCR) and with genotypes in the training and validation datasets for the two populations

From: Single-step genomic evaluation with metafounders for feed conversion ratio and average daily gain in Danish Landrace and Yorkshire pigs

  Training Validation
 ADG 654,908 31,512
 FCR 17,901 988
 Genotyped 29,825 7700
 Genotyped and FCR 2660 902
 ADG 541,301 29,192
 FCR 18,478 909
 Genotyped 30,144 7,645
 Genotyped and FCR 2802 870
  1. All genotyped animals have ADG records, but only some of them have FCR records
  2. ADG average daily gain, FCR feed conversion ratio
  3. Genotyped: genotyped individuals in the population
  4. Genotyped and FCR: genotyped individuals with FCR records in the population