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Table 1 Selected examples of vQTL that affect the variability of quantitative traits across species

From: Evaluation of the phenotypic and genomic background of variability based on litter size of Large White pigs

Authors Species Trait
Mackay and Lyman [53] Drosophila melanogaster Bristle number
Ordas et al. [54] Maize Days to flowering, ear height, and tassel length
Paré et al. [55] Human Levels of inflammatory biomarkers
Ayroles et al. [56] Drosophila melanogaster Locomotor handedness
Perry et al. [57] F2 cross of the genetically hypercalciuric Rattus norvegicus with normocalciuric Wistar-Kyoto Urinary calcium levels
Wolc et al. [58] Laying hens Egg weight
Jimenez-Gomez et al. [59]; Shen et al. [2] Arabidopsis thaliana Flowering time
Yang et al. [16] Human Body mass index (BMI)
Mulder et al. [60] Dairy cows Somatic cell score (SCS)
Nelson et al. [20] S. cerevisiae strains Expression traits in different treatments
Sell-Kubiak et al. [25] Pigs Litter size
Ek et al. [61] Human Variation in DNA methylation levels
Wang et al. [62]; Wang et al. [63] Pigs Birth weight
Iung et al. [64] Nellore cattle Yearling weight
Hussain et al. [65] Bread wheat Cadmium levels