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Table 2 Estimates of variance components, heritability, and the genetic coefficient of variation on the standard deviation level (\({\text{G}\text{C}\text{V}}_{\text{S}\text{D}\text{e}}\))

From: Evaluation of the phenotypic and genomic background of variability based on litter size of Large White pigs

Estimate TNB LnVarTNB varTNB
Permanent sow variance 0.86 (0.01) 0.15 (0.003)
Additive genetic variance 1.33 (0.2) 0.033 (0.001) 0.037 (0.002)
Residual variance 7.67 (0.8) 1.33 (0.4) 0.84
Heritability 0.135 (0.02) 0.024 (0.002)a 0.036a
\({\mathrm{GCV}}_{\mathrm{SDe}}\)b 0.091 0.096
  1. TNB: litter size as total number born
  2. LnVarTNB: phenotypic variability of litter size estimated by the log-transformed variance of residuals
  3. varTNB: phenotypic variability estimated with double hierarchical generalized linear model measured in 121,088 sows from the Large White pig population
  4. aHeritability is a measure of the reliability of EBV for LnVarTNB and varTNB; it does not reflect the magnitude of the genetic variance in varTNB
  5. bMeasure of the genetic variation in residual variance \({\mathrm{GCV}}_{\mathrm{SDe}}=\frac{{\upsigma }_{\mathrm{a}ddv}\left({\upsigma }_{\mathrm{e}}\right)}{\overline{{\upsigma }_{\mathrm{e}}}}\approx \frac{1}{2}{\upsigma }_{\mathrm{avar}} \,{\text{or} }\,\approx \frac{1}{2}{\upsigma }_{\mathrm{av}}\)