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Table 4 Correlations between log-transformed variance of litter size and EBV for LnVarc and DHGLMc obtained from three-fold cross-validationa

From: Evaluation of the phenotypic and genomic background of variability based on litter size of Large White pigs

Validation run Correlations of ln(var(TNB))b with
EBV from LnVarc EBV from DHGLMc
1 0.47 0.55
2 0.42 0.49
3 0.40 0.44
Average 0.43 0.49
  1. aThree-fold cross-validation was performed to compare the two methods used to obtain phenotypic variability of litter size: log-transformed variance of residuals (LnVar) and double hierarchical GLM (DHGLM)
  2. bLog-transformed variance of litter size per sow
  3. cEstimated in each run for 3650 sows with their records set to missing