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Table 2 Estimated heritabilities and maternal environmental effects (standard errors in parentheses) for IgM, IgG, and total (IgTotal) KLH-binding natural antibody titers

From: Divergent selection for natural antibodies in poultry in the presence of a major gene

  IgM IgG IgTotal
Phenotypic variance (\({\sigma }_{p}^{2}\)) 1.15(0.02) 1.95(0.03) 1.85(0.03)
Heritability (\({h}^{2}\)) 0.30(0.02) 0.12(0.01) 0.12(0.01)
Maternal environmental effects (\({m}^{2}\)) 0.03(0.01) 0.02(0.01) 0.03(0.01)