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Table 5 Estimates of genetic correlations between traits in the WA crossbreds with their standard error in parentheses, for cages of six (below the diagonal) and seven hens (above the diagonal)

From: Using egg production longitudinal recording to study the genetic background of resilience in purebred and crossbred laying hens

EP   − 0.82 (0.06) 0.19a (0.24) − 0.22a (0.13)
LNVAR − 0.74 (0.09)   − 0.16a (0.23) 0.56 (0.10)
SKEW − 0.38 (0.18) − 0.18a (0.28)   0.46a (0.30)
AUTO-R 0.21 (0.18) 0.21a (0.25) 0.34a (0.39)  
  1. EP total number of eggs laid per layer between 25 and 83 weeks of age, LNVAR natural logarithm of the variance of the deviations between the observed phenotype and the average of the batch, SKEW skewness of the distribution of these deviations, AUTO-R lag-one autocorrelation of these deviations
  2. aIndicates that the estimate of the genetic correlation was not significantly different from 0 (see “Methods” section on LRT)