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Genetics Selection Evolution

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Cytogenetic mapping of 25 goat mammary gland Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs)

  • Fabienne Le Provost1,
  • Laurent Schibler1,
  • Anne Oustry-Vaiman1,
  • Patrice Martin1 and
  • Edmond P Cribiu1Email author
Genetics Selection Evolution200032:311

Received: 16 August 1999

Accepted: 11 January 2000

Published: 15 May 2000


Today, there is a shift towards a positional candidate approach in the molecular identification of genes. This study reports on an Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) mapping initiative in goats, based on sequence information gathered from a previous mammary gland cDNA systematic sequencing project. A total of 25 novel genes was localised cytogenetically on 16 goat chromosomes. Six of these ESTs were found to map to cattle milk QTL regions. These results made it possible to assess the use of ESTs as a shortcut to the molecular identification of some QTLs and as a valuable tool for comparative mapping.


cytogenetic localisationmammary gland cDNAcomparative mappinggoat

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Authors’ Affiliations

Laboratoire de génétique biochimique et cytogénétique, Département de génétique animale, Institut national de la recherche agronomique, Jouy-en-Josas Cedex, France


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