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Aims and scope

Genetics Selection Evolution is an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal dedicated to original research on all aspects of genetics and selection in domestic animal species and other species providing results of immediate interest for farm animals' genetics.

Featured: Integrating genome-wide co-association and gene expression to identify putative regulators and predictors of feed efficiency in pigs

Quintanilla et al. used a systems-based approach that integrates SNP co-association and gene-expression data to disentangle the molecular mechanisms that underlie feed efficiency in pigs.


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Thematic Series

Goat ADAPTmap Project
Collection featuring research from the Goat AdaptMap project, a worldwide analysis of goat biodiversity.

Published: 19 November 2018


Thematic Series

International Symposium on Functional Animal Genomics 2015
Collection featuring research and reviews from the International Symposium on Function Animal Genomics, held in Piacenza, Italy on 27th-29th July 2015.

Published: 29 March 2016


Didier Boichard, INRA, France
Jack Dekkers, Iowa State University, US
Helene Hayes, INRA, France
Julius van der Werf, University of New England, Australia

Featured: Inbreeding depression due to recent and ancient inbreeding in Dutch Holstein–Friesian dairy cattle

Doekes et al. evaluate the hypothesis that recent inbreeding is more harmful than ancient inbreeding.

Goat ADAPTmap Project

This special issue features papers from the authors of the ADAPTmap consortium, an international initiative to study goat diversity.

GSE welcomes a new Associate Editor

Toni Reverter is Senior Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO Agriculture & Food in Australia and leader of the team “Computational and Systems Biology”. Since he graduated from a B.Sc. degree in Veterinary Sciences from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in Spain, he has worked in Spain, the USA and Australia. 

Toni Reverter’s primary research vision is built on capitalising on the post-genomics ‘Big Data’ revolution to improve prediction and management of farm animal performance. His expertise goes from statistics, quantitative genetics and bioinformatics to systems biology and functional genomics. Currently, he develops research projects on efficient methods for utilizing routinely recorded and abundant commercial data in the context of genomic predictions.

About the Editors-in-Chief

Didier Boichard

Didier Boichard is currently leading the Cattle Genetics and Genomics research group in the laboratory of Animal Genetics and Integrative Biology at INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research) in Jouy-en-Josas.

His research is focused on dairy cattle genetics and breeding, particularly on the analysis of genetic variability of production and functional traits. He has managed the French national genetic evaluation for dairy cattle, sheep and goats and conducted projects for QTL detection and fine mapping. In 2002, in close collaboration with the French breeding industry, he implemented a large-scale marker-assisted selection programme, which has become a genomic selection programme since 2008.

Jack Dekkers

Jack Dekkers is professor and leader of the Animal Breeding and Genetics Section in the Department of Animal Science at Iowa State University (USA).

His areas of research are quantitative genetics and animal breeding with application to swine and poultry genetics, including the use of molecular genetic and genomic information, QTL detection, marker-assisted and genomic selection, design, optimization and economic aspects of breeding strategies, and genetic aspects of residual feed intake in pigs.

Helene Hayes

Helene Hayes is a researcher in the laboratory of Animal Genetics and Integrative Biology at INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research) in Jouy-en-Josas.

Her main focus is animal cytogenetics with a special interest on cattle, goat, sheep and rabbit cytogenetic maps and comparative mapping. Since 2005, she dedicates half her time to the management of the journal Genetics Selection Evolution.

Julius Van Der Werf

Professor Julius van der Werf holds a PhD (1990) in Animal Breeding from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. He moved to the University of New England (Armidale, Australia) in 1997, where he is now Professor in Animal Breeding and Genetics and Program Leader of Genetics in the Cooperative Research Center for Sheep Industry Innovation.

His research interests range from methodological issues on the estimation of genetic parameters (design and data structure, mixed models analysis, genetic evaluation models, random regression models) and genomic analysis (genomic prediction, genome wide association studies, design of experiments, models for genomic prediction, phasing and imputation) to applications for the optimization of animal breeding programs (breeding objectives, optimizing selection, optimizing, measurement, long and short term gains, genetic gain and genetic diversity, total genetic resource management).


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