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The hierarchical island model revisited

Genetics Selection Evolution200032:395

Received: 7 October 1999

Accepted: 25 April 2000

Published: 15 July 2000


Formulae were derived for the genetic differentiation between populations within a metapopulation (F SM ), and between metapopulations (F MT ) as functions of migration and mutation rates, size and number of populations and metapopulations. We show that F MT = 1/(1 + 4N e m), where N e is the effective size of a metapopulation, and where the migration rate between metapopulations is m. The formulae for F MT and F SM were more general than previously proposed since we have relaxed some previously made hypotheses and we included the effect of the mutation rate. Using our formula, some unexpected result of estimation of gene flow, previously obtained, can be explained readily.


subdivided populationseffective sizegene flowmutation rateF statistics

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Authors’ Affiliations

Unité de malherbologie et d'agronomie, Institut national de la recherche agronomique, Dijon, France
Muséum national d'histoire naturelle, CRBPO, Paris, France


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