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Genetics Selection Evolution

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Distal element(s) is(are) required for position-independent expression of the goat α-lactalbumin gene in transgenic mice. Potential relationship with the location of the cyclin T1 locus

  • Solange Soulier1,
  • Marie-Georges Stinnakre1,
  • José Costa Da Silva1,
  • Laurence Lepourry1,
  • Xavier Mata1,
  • Nathalie Besnard1 and
  • Jean-Luc Vilotte1Email author
Genetics Selection Evolution200032:621

Received: 17 May 2000

Accepted: 31 August 2000

Published: 15 November 2000


We recently reported the site-independent and copy-number-related expression in mice of a goat α-lactalbumin gene with 150 kb and 10 kb of 5'- and 3'-flanking sequences, respectively. In the present study, we observed that the resection of the 5'-flanking region, leaving only 70 kb, resulted in a site-dependent expression of this milk protein-encoding transgene. This suggests that important cis-regulatory elements are located within the distal-deleted sequence. Within this region, we localised the promoter of the cyclin T1 gene, an ubiquitously expressed gene. So far, no other gene has been located between these two loci. Since these two genes are differentially expressed, our data suggest the potential location of an insulator within the deleted region that allows the two genes to be independently regulated.


insulatorα-lactalbumincyclin T1transgenesismice

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Authors’ Affiliations

Unité de génétique biochimique et de cytogénétique, Département de génétique animale, Institut national de la recherche agronomique, Jouy-en-Josas Cedex, France


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