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Characterization of Bovidae sex-determining gene SRY


In mammals, testis determination is under the control of the sex-determining gene SRY. This Y-linked gene encodes a protein with a DNA binding domain similar to those found in high-mobility-group proteins. Here we report the cloning and sequences of the SRY genes of yak and Chinese native cattle. Our data show that SRY genes in Bovidae are less divergent, especially in the coding and 3' regions.

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Correspondence to Rongjia Zhou.

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Hanhua Cheng, Huifang Shi contributed equally to this work.

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Cheng, H., Shi, H., Zhou, R. et al. Characterization of Bovidae sex-determining gene SRY. Genet Sel Evol 33, 687 (2001).

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  • sex determination
  • SRY
  • evolution
  • Bovidae