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ChickRH6: a chicken whole-genome radiation hybrid panel

  • Mireille Morisson1Email author,
  • Alexandre Lemière1,
  • Sarah Bosc1,
  • Maxime Galan1,
  • Florence Plisson-Petit1,
  • Philippe Pinton1,
  • Chantal Delcros1,
  • Katia Fève1,
  • Frédérique Pitel1,
  • Valérie Fillon1,
  • Martine Yerle1 and
  • Alain Vignal1
Genetics Selection Evolution200234:521

Received: 4 February 2002

Accepted: 13 May 2002

Published: 15 July 2002


As a first step towards the development of radiation hybrid maps, we have produced a radiation hybrid panel in the chicken by fusing female embryonic diploid fibroblasts irradiated at 6 000 rads with HPRT-deficient hamster Wg3hCl2 cells. Due to the low retention frequency of the chicken fragments, a high number of clones was produced from which the best ones were selected. Thus, 452 fusion clones were tested for retention frequencies with a panel of 46 markers. Based on these results, 103 clones with a mean marker retention of 23.8% were selected for large scale culture to produce DNA in sufficient quantities for the genotyping of numerous markers. Retention frequency was tested again with the same 46 markers and the 90 best clones, with a final mean retention frequency of 21.9%, were selected for the final panel. This panel will be a valuable resource for fine mapping of markers and genes in the chicken, and will also help in building BAC contigs.


chicken radiation hybrid mapping

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Authors’ Affiliations

Laboratoire de génétique cellulaire, Institut national de la recherche agronomique


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