Volume 37 Supplement 1

Third International Workshop on Major Genes and QTL in Sheep and Goats; 8–11 December 2003, Toulouse, France

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Quantitative trait loci for internal nematode resistance in sheep: a review

Genetics Selection Evolution200537(Suppl 1):S83


Accepted: 7 September 2004

Published: 15 December 2005


Internal nematode resistance in sheep has a large impact on the economy of sheep industries. Selection for nematode resistance in sheep breeding schemes would help to reduce the direct and indirect cost of parasitism to these industries. However, this is not widely practiced because of the difficulty of measuring parasite resistance or correlated indirect selection criteria. The identification of genes or linked markers that have a significant association with the variance of indicator traits of internal nematode resistance in sheep would facilitate the inclusion of nematode resistance in sheep breeding operations. This review summarises findings reported in the literature of quantitative trait loci for internal nematode resistance in sheep. Issues relating to the analytical and phenotypic complexity of nematode resistance are discussed in the context of the findings of quantitative trait loci for nematode resistance published to date.


sheepinternal nematode resistancequantitative trait loci

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