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Table 4 Average Allele Origin Accuracy (AOAc) and Similarity Index (If) of haplotypes inferred for genotypes of simulated Cross population.

From: Haplotype inference in crossbred populations without pedigree information

  AOAc If
100% Pop. M, F 0.95 (0.02) 0.87 (0.05)
100% Pop. M, 0% Pop. F 0.94 (0.01) 0.84 (0.03)
0% Pop. M, F 0.44 (0.19) 0.36 (0.21)
  1. Analyses were run assuming Crossbreeding and purebred populations M and F were either included or not in the analyses. Analyses were run with α equal to 1. Populations were simulated with Minor Allele Frequency in the base populations equal to 0.40. Ten replicates were simulated for each scenario.