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Table 4 Results of the two-QTL analysis using QTL Express

From: Mapping quantitative trait loci (QTL) in sheep. IV. Analysis of lactation persistency and extended lactation traits in sheep

OAR Trait Position (cM) Flanking marker F-value SD (SE)
   QTL A QTL B QTL A QTL B 2vs0 2vs1 QTL A QTL B
10 Extended lactation somatic cells 12 84 MNS64-OARHH41 TGLA441-OARDB3 8.36* 6.49* 0.61 (0.18) -0.52 (0.21)
10 Extended lactation useful yield 13 62 MNS64-OARHH41 ILSTS056-TGLA441 6.06* 6.92* 0.56 (0.20) -0.52 (0.20)
  1. Shown are the peak position of QTL A and QTL B; flanking markers of both peaks; F-value and significant threshold (*chromosome-wide P < 0.05) reached under 2 vs 0 QTL (F-statistic for testing two QTL vs no QTL on chromosome), or 2 vs 1 QTL (F-statistic for testing two QTL vs one QTL on chromosome); standardised QTL effect (SD) and standard error (SE).