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Figure 2

From: Detection of recombination events, haplotype reconstruction and imputation of sires using half-sib SNP genotypes

Figure 2

Removal of genotyping errors. A Genotyping errors in the half-sibs. A highlighted genotype is indicative of a genotyping error because only one marker supports its change to another block. B Fixing the genotyping errors in the half-sibs. The block structure is used to reject the recombination suggested by the genotype (it is not supported by downstream markers). C Fixing the genotyping errors in the imputed sire. Based on the blocking structure in the genotypes, individuals 2, 3, and 4 received the marker from the sire’s M strand (blue); the average number of markers (haplotype) in this location is 0.7, which is closer to 1 than 0 and this value is used as the sire’s imputed SNP genotype.

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