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Figure 4

From: Detection of recombination events, haplotype reconstruction and imputation of sires using half-sib SNP genotypes

Figure 4

Example of paternal strand blocking structure in a half-sib family with 40 individuals, using simulated data on 10 000 markers (dataset C). A: true paternal strands of origin from the sire; B: strand assignment (blocks) with hsphase, empty spaces indicate unassigned regions; C: half-sib phasing with hsphase; D: half-sib phasing with AlphaPhase with use of pedigree; E: half-sib phasing with AlphaPhase without use of pedigree; F: half-sib phasing with BEAGLE; G: half-sib phasing with PedPhase; the red and blue colours indicate the paternal and maternal strands of the sire within each offspring, obtained by comparing the phased data with the sire’s true haplotypes; empty spaces indicate unknown strand or haplotype.

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