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Table 5 Cross-validation summary statistics for each bivariate model for mastitis and somatic cell score

From: Genomic prediction of disease occurrence using producer-recorded health data: a comparison of methods

  AICC \(\sum \chi ^{2}\) WP
Pedigree-based -4.77 1795125 0.02
Single-step -4.76 1803782 0.02
Bivariate BayesA -4.55 1947319 0.008
  1. Corrected AIC (AICC) estimated via local weighted regression of average mastitis incidence per sire on EBV of sire for each model fit with the full dataset. Sum of χ 2 (\(\sum \chi ^{\text {2}}\)) is a measure of predictive ability, with smaller values being preferred. Median proportion of wrong predictions represented by WP.