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Table 4 Estimates of haplotype effects of the QTL for body weight

From: Genome-wide association study of body weight in Australian Merino sheep reveals an orthologous region on OAR6 to human and bovine genomic regions affecting height and weight

Haplotype βa P-valueb
AATC 0.166 0.86752
AGTT −0.095 0.27794
AGGT 0.049 0.00155
GATT −0.164 0.01857
GATC −0.158 0.00288
GAGT −0.330 0.23310
GGGT 0.451 0.19978
  1. The P-value of the haplotype effect in a linear mixed model including a mean, a random sire effect and multiple regressions on the haplotypes was equal to 0.0008
  2. aEstimates of regression coefficients (β) in phenotypic standard deviation (STD) units of the trait based on phenotypes
  3. b P-values for the test of β ≠ 0