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Table 3 Correlations between estimated dominance deviations from model A + D and inbreeding measures for calving interval (CI), milk, fat and protein yields in Holstein and Jersey cows

From: Accounting for dominance to improve genomic evaluations of dairy cows for fertility and milk production traits

Breed Trait Inbreeding measures
Proportion of homozygous SNPs Inbreeding coefficient
Holstein CI 0.091 0.127
Milk yield −0.210 −0.317
Fat yield −0.208 −0.308
Protein yield −0.218 −0.321
Jersey CI 0a 0a
Milk yield −0.225 −0.311
Fat yield −0.249 −0.355
Protein yield −0.248 −0.345
  1. Model A + D = taking both additive and dominance effects into account
  2. aSince estimated dominance deviations for CI in Jersey cows were very close to zero, the estimated correlations were also very close to zero