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Table 3 Results of the ocular tests for the Normande dairy cattle examined

From: A reverse genetic approach identifies an ancestral frameshift mutation in RP1 causing recessive progressive retinal degeneration in European cattle breeds

  Fs/Fs Fs/Wt Wt/Wt
Normal vision and eyes fundus 2 (<2 years) 7 (6.1 years) 7 (5.7 years)
Mild unilateral or bilateral focal retinal degeneration with preserved vision   2 (5.8 years) 3 (7.2 years)
Bilateral retinal degeneration with marked visual deficit 1 (4.5 years)
Bilateral retinal degeneration with blindness 1 (5.5 years)
Number of animals 4 9 10
  1. Note that the pupillary light reflex was preserved in all the animals studied. The number of animals for each group and their average age in years (y) are presented
  2. Fs frameshift allele, Wt wild type allele