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Table 2 Results from association analyses of SNPs in the candidate gene region

From: Fine mapping of a QTL on bovine chromosome 6 using imputed full sequence data suggests a key role for the group-specific component (GC) gene in clinical mastitis and milk production

Traita SNP bp −log(p) Freq Effect SE A1 A2
CM1 rs110483492 88,741,762 11.5 0.34 0.007 0.001 G A
CM4 rs208489948 88,808,884 7.0 0.34 0.005 0.001 T C
CM6 rs109133718 89,069,508 9.1 0.36 0.008 0.001 C T
kg milk rs110483492 88,741,762 12.8 0.34 60.8 8.26 G A
kg protein rs385796667 88,804,540 12.8 0.39 1.73 0.23 G A
kg fat rs381872595 88,743,767 7.8 0.36 1.91 0.34 Del Ins
  1. The most significant SNP for each of the traits is shown with its position in base pairs (bp), negative logarithm of the p value [−log(p)], minor allele frequency (Freq), allele substitution effect for the first allele of the SNP (Effect), standard error of the SNP effect (SE), and alleles
  2. aCM1, CM4 and CM6: clinical mastitis in the period from −15 to 30 days postpartum in first, second and third lactation, respectively