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Table 1 Number of top SNPs and animals of different breeds in different datasets for different traits

From: Genomic prediction based on selected variants from imputed whole-genome sequence data in Australian sheep populations

Trait (unit)Number of top SNPsDiscovery (GWAS) setReference setValidation set
MERBLBL × MEROther breeds and crossesMERBLBL × MEROther breeds and crossesMERBL × MER
CCFAT (mm)39891157373653185761581586658912478
CEMD (mm)39971200213893215738741616741904453
PEMD (mm)39242835860742481277221635783701766510
IMF (%)4023877113553018185251745969843415
SF5 (N)42681065273583291722671436460868474
PWT (kg)428746919189645446118226245891653118453
YCFW (kg)39423935413818721826731891709600
YFD (µm)8654508344627462626701351432600
  1. Number of top-SNPs and animals of different breeds (MER pure Merino, BL pure Border Leicester, BL × MER crossbred Border Leicester × Merino and other breeds and crosses) in discovery, reference and validation sets for different traits: CCFAT carcass fat depth at C site, CEMD carcass eye muscle depth, PEMD post-weaning eye muscle depth, IMF intermuscular fat percentage, SF5 shear force measured at day 5 after slaughter, PWT post-weaning weight, YCFW yearling clean fleece weight, YFD yearling fiber diameter