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Table 1 Estimates of the position of the bone quality QTL located on chromosome 1 in hens of an F2 reciprocal cross between White Leghorn hens divergently selected for bone index

From: An eQTL in the cystathionine beta synthase gene is linked to osteoporosis in laying hens

TraitPosition (cM)95% CI (cM)F statisticFlanking markersaPosition (Mb)
Tibiotarsal breaking strength363 (370)348–402 (138–416)16.2 (13.2)ROS0081 ADL0148111.2–113.1
Humeral breaking strength365 (343)129–381 (30–376)11.1 (7.9)ADL0268-MCW006190.2–90.2
Bone index364 (364)325–401 (198–393)12.3 (9.3)Ost109151638-ADL0148107.0–113.1
  1. The values in brackets represent the values found in the original analysis [16]
  2. aPositions in Mb on the chicken genome galGal6 build were calculated from the position of the flanking markers on the 2011 (galGal4) build, then updated using Liftover