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Table 5 Values for plasma homocysteine concentration at 48 and 70 weeks of age, production data, radiographic density, mechanical and physicochemical bone properties measured at 70 weeks of age between CBS genotype Ost106225194/Ost112522587 (AA/AA vs. GG/GG) in Population 5

From: An eQTL in the cystathionine beta synthase gene is linked to osteoporosis in laying hens

 TraitAA/AA meanseGG/GG meanseP valuedf
Radiographic, mechanical, metabolite and production data
 Body weightBody weight (g)1638241603240.2911,64
 Egg traitsEgg number282.31.8276.02.30.5741,64
Egg breaking strength (48 wk of age)40.10.940.41.30.5081,61
 Plasma homocysteineHomocysteine 48 wk of age (µM/L)18.640.5516.680.640.0241,52
Homocysteine 70 wk of age (µM/L)19.130.4617.180.630.0161,64
Detailed morphometry and physicochemical analysis
 Bone type
  Whole tibiaBreaking strength (N)228.16.6228.29.00.9981,36
  Whole tibiaStiffness (Nm)316,9398456322,94095260.641,36
  Whole tibiaDensity (mm Al equiv/mm3)1.600.011.610.010.4121,36
% cortical bone56.842.3350.842.300.0751,36
 Tibia cortical
  Tibia corticalDensity (mmAl equiv/mm3)0.0180.0010.0220.0010.0241,36
  Tibia corticalMinCO3 14150.2090.0030.1700.003< 0.0011,36
  Tibia corticalCI 1030/10200.5840.0040.6330.007< 0.0011,36
  Tibia corticalPO4/Amide I3.970.116.400.12< 0.0011,36
  Tibia corticalLNK 1660/16902.540.124.170.19< 0.0011,36
  Tibia corticalAngSpread 00254.90.9149.40.660.0041,35
  Tibia corticalFWHM0020.450.010.460.0170.8421,36
  Tibia medullaryDensity (mmAl equiv/mm3)0.0250.0030.0240.0020.7431,36
  Tibia medullaryMinCO3 14150.,36
  Tibia medullaryCI 1030/10200.770.0220.730.020.1491,36
  Tibia medullaryPO4/Amide I1.,36
  Tibia medullaryLNK 1660/16903.,36
  Tibia medullaryFWHM0020.580.030.560.020.4251,35