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Table 1 Parameter estimates obtained using the animal model (AM) and the reaction norm animal model (RNAM)

From: Detection of unrecorded environmental challenges in high-frequency recorded traits, and genetic determinism of resilience to challenge, with an application on feed intake in lambs

Parameter Model
\({\sigma }_{a0}^{2}\) 0.014 0.016
\({\sigma }_{a1}^{2}\) 0.038
\({\sigma }_{{a}0,{a}1}\) − 0.011
\({\sigma }_{{pe0}}^{2}\) 0.028 0.034
\({\sigma }_{{pe1}}^{2}\) 0.104
\({\sigma }_{{pe0},{pe1}}\) − 0.031
\({\sigma }_{\mathrm{e}}^{2}\) 0.123 0.120
Genetic correlation − 0.460 ± 0.210
  1. \({\sigma }_{a0}^{2}=\) additive genetic variance for level, \({\sigma }_{a1}^{2}=\) additive genetic variance for slope, \({\sigma }_{{a0},{a1} }=\) additive genetic covariance between level and slope, \({\sigma }_{{pe0}}^{2}=\) permanent environmental variance for level, \({\sigma }_{{pe1}}^{2}=\) permanent environmental variance for slope, \({\sigma }_{{pe0},{pe1} }=\) permanent environmental covariance between level and slope, \({\sigma }_{\mathrm{e}}^{2}=\) residual variance