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Table 2 Estimates of differences in body weight (BW, kg) at 40 and 118 dpv and in average daily gain (ADG, kg/day) from 0 to 40 dpv and from 40 to 118 dpv between pigs with high vs low or positive vs negative M. hyo Ab response

From: Influence of genetics and the pre-vaccination blood transcriptome on the variability of antibody levels after vaccination against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in pigs

Groups of contrasted Ab responses to vaccination BW at 40 dpv ADG 0–40 dpv BW at 118 dpv ADG at 40–118 dpv
dpv Classification
21 High vs low 0.102 0.099 0.088 0.194
Positive vs negative 0.007a 0.007a 0.054 0.191
28 High vs low 0.025b 0.025b 0.019b 0.029b
35 High vs low 0.444 0.443 0.113 0.128
118 High vs low 0.259 0.262 0.143 0.182
Positive vs negative 0.833 0.841 0.418 0.310
  1. anegative > positive; blow > high
  2. High vs low and positive vs negative animals were defined as described in the Methods section. Details on the assignment of animals to groups at each time point are provided in Additional file 1: Table S1. BW was fitted using a linear mixed model with sex, batch and groups of contrasted responses to vaccination at each time point (high vs low or positive vs negative) as fixed effects, age at weaning and BW at 0 dpv (weaning) as linear covariates, and litter as random effect. Classification p-values of the effect of contrasted groups of vaccine responders at each time point are in this table (significant p-values are in italics)