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Table 7 Least-squares means for rate of true inbreeding from generations \({t}\) = 1 to 2 according to pre-selection strategy and starting frequency of the lethal recessive allele at a 0.01 \(\Delta {\text{F}}_{{{\text{true}}4 - 10}}\) in a breeding scheme with genomic prediction

From: Pre-selection against a lethal recessive allele in breeding schemes with optimum-contribution selection or truncation selection

Pre-selection strategy Starting frequency of the lethal recessive allele
0.05 0.10 0.15
No carriers culled 0.0196a 0.0193ab 0.0192abc
Male carriers culled 0.0194ab 0.0187abc 0.0186abc
Female carriers culled 0.0188abc 0.0184bc 0.0172d
All carriers culled 0.0189abc 0.0183c 0.0185bc
  1. Means with the same superscripted letter are not significantly different from each other (p < 0.05)